Sean Gabriel M. Tomagos – The Street Smart Kid

Sean Gabriel M. Tomagos – The Street Smart Kid

by Levi Mamuri-Tomagos


, that will be this kid’s answer when you ask him, “what is your name?” he can spell them to you too and he knows his exact address also, and mobile numbers too. This bright three (3) year old kid is really one of a kind. At the age of  two (2), he knows his alphabet from A to Z and Z to A, can count from 1 to 1 million, knows different languages, geometrical shapes and a whole lot more. He loves to ask what ever he sees, and hears and notices (and we are just always ready to answer his queries). His interests are diverse, from playing basketball and all kinds of sports (and balls that goes with it), to music (he sings real well – from pop songs to praise/church songs) and dances well too, to acting and modelling (well, i must say, he is good looking :-)), to science (solar system, human anatomy, periodic table, scientific names of species), geography (maps, flags, country names, capital and currencies), history (presidents of the Philippines, national symbols, etc), and daily “thingys” around him (road signs, car plate numbers, buses routes and where trains stops.

He was featured in the Little Big Shots Philippines which is an adaptation of the hit TV show in the US last October 1, 2017 as the Street Smart Kid .  Three year old Sean is just starting and hopefully will go a long way. He will be a first time schooler next year.

Watch his recorded performance at the Little Big Shots. Like and share please!