Mt. Maynuba and Mt. Cayabu Day Hike

Mountain hiking? Are you nuts? Are you sure you can handle that? Those were the questions my wife asked me when I told her that I would try mountain hiking. I am now 52 years old as of this writing but I believe no one is too old to try new adventures! And so with my wife’s hesitance, I joined a day hike with my friends who consider themselves as experienced hikers and trekkers. They chose an easy climb for me with a difficulty level of 3 out of 9 which is the Maynuba Circuit that includes two mountaints – Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba. Mt. Cayabu’s peak is actually a subsidiary peak of Mt. Maynuba, located in the municipality of Tanay in Rizal Province.

This is my first mountain day hike and using the mountaineers and hikers terminology I consider these two mountains as my mother mountains. The peak is just 662 meters above sea level (AMSL) and the climb was not really difficult. But it sure did increased my heart rate to 180 beats per minute for more than an hour upon reaching the peak as measured by my Fitbit Surge.  I  was feeling okay but my heart rate got me worried. My heart was beating more than the maximum heart rate of 168 per minute recommended for my age. Even at rest at the mountain peak, my heart just kept on beating so fast. It might have been due to the combination of excitement as a first time hiker and also fatigue.

Going down, we passed by eight wonderful waterfalls. It was such a peaceful and relaxing feeling . A big break from the stresses of living in the urban jungle of Metro Manila.  It took us about six hours from ascent to descent but this will not be the last. I promised myself to climb more mountains until such time that age and physical weakness overcome me. We were so hungry and thirsty when we arrived at the jumping point at around 2 pm. I was craving for crispy pata but it was not available in the carinderia.  And of course we took many pictures and filmed short videos and compiled it into one short documentary film and uploaded into my YouTube Channel for easy watching. I am not really into video editing but I am sure I will be able to learn the skill eventually.

Mt. Maynuba and Mt. Cayabu Day Hike Pictures and Video Compilation

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