Border Collie Puppies born April 17, 2017

Eight Purebred Border Collie Puppies for Sale (SOLD)

Labeled as the “smartest dog breed”, Border Collies display exceptional obedience and trainability characteristics. Originally bred for herding livestock, these dogs are extremely athletic and have outstanding stamina. Border Collies are known to excel in dog shows from obedience tests to agility and sports competitions.


UPDATE: Butter already SOLD (Female)
UPDATE: Brussel already SOLD (Male)
UPDATE: Bean already SOLD (Female)
UPDATE: Berry already SOLD (Female)
UPDATE: Braeburn already SOLD (Blue-eyed Male)
UPDATE: Betel already SOLD (Female)
UPDATE: Bell already SOLD (Female)
UPDATE: Bamboo already SOLD (Male)

Php 22k for female and Php20k for male

Date of birth: April 17, 2017.
Registered with the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI)
Kindly click on each picture to read the description of each puppy.

Kennel Name: COLYMD Kennel
Kennel Location: Kalayaan Avenue, Central, Quezon City. You can google search “COLYMD KENNEL” for directions or type “COLYMD KENNEL” on your WAZE app for guided directions. Kindly call or message for scheduling of Kennel Visit.

One 5-in-1 vaccination, One 6-in-1 vaccination and three times dewormed upon release. With Veterinary Record.

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Border Collie Puppies born April 17, 2017

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